Buying lights

Today I would like to talk about a brilliant web site that I have foundĀ  light11.ie.

In this website you can buy very nice designer lights but also lights that are not so expensive and that are as equally nice!

I think that the web site layout is very good. There are different sections by different types of lights (indoors, outdoors), by where you want to place the lights or even by colour!

The feature that I like the most is the fact that once you choose a light that you like and you want to find more information on that light, the website provides you with a full specs for the light. This means it gives you details on: manufacture, designer, material, measurements, weight, CABLE LENGTH, Type of bulbs, SPARE PARTS, and the one I love the most HOW ENERGY EFFICIENT is the light!!!!

I love this because it might help you decide on buying it or not!

This web site has also a full section on LEDs lights! and please do not be so reluctant on buying them. LEDs technology has changed so much in the last years. I know that LED is short for ” Looks Extremely Dim” butĀ  this is the name they were given in the mid-1920s when they were invented! Now new research has shown that you can even get a whopping 300 lumens from one LED. So embrace the future and also help our planet!




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  1. Ila says:

    nice one!