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Lavender bag

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

For toda’s craft a very simple and effective little gift!

A little lavender bag that you can put inside your wardrobe to get your clothes to smell nice and fresh!

In order to do the bags that contain the lavender I cut fabric in big rectangles and then I folded them up. I saw the sides of them and I added long ribbon strings at both sides.  I thought these strings would be good to hang them from the wardrobe bar or anywhere you want!

I dried lavender inside of my hot press for a couple of days inside paper bags. After a couple of days I removed the lavender from the stalks and I used it to fill little bags that I made. I made the bags using some leftover of big organza ribbon that I had. It was very easy again I only cut the fabric in big rectangles then I sew the sides, fitted in the lavender and then I sew the top. Then this bag went inside the other one and ready!

If you want to renew the lavender bag with a fresher one you always have the outer one so you only need to make the one containing the lavender or even better just to resew the inside one!