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De Bruir Furniture

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

I have been following this person’s work for quite a while. I really like his designs and the best of all is that he is local!!!

Garvan de Bruir is a designer and a craftsman that has his studio in Kildare Town. He specialises in the use of decorative timbers, fine leathers and cast metals.

His projects range from cover luggages, furniture, sculptures and prefabricated architecture.

I must say that his furniture always caught my eye. I think all his designs are so chic!

My favourite piece is actually his swing, I love it! it really intrigues me how he found the perfect balance to have a swing only using one piece of timber!

My only reservations is the price, I am scared to go down to his studio. I wonder if his prices are for average salary people like me!


Monday, March 26th, 2012

Preparing the ceremony took a lot of effort! We wanted a civil ceremony but we did not want the typical 5 minute ceremony that is common in Spain/Ireland. This meant that we had to write everything that we wanted to be said to make it nice and personal. Also we had the added problem that the ceremony had to be in two languages! We did not want to have one person translating absolutely everything because it would have been too long and tiresome!

The official person marrying us was a friend of my Dad from his home town. He did an absolutely brilliant job! We wanted a funny, relax, and personal ceremony and he was able to do all this! He followed to perfection all the things we had asked him to say and he added nice bits to it. The English part was done by my brother in law. He was excellent. He read to perfection everything we gave him! We did not want a complete translation. So what we did is that for instance, when the Catalan person would talking about love, then the one doing the English would talk about love too. But not necessary translating it, but reading something related.

The readings were not sappy romantic stuff. We did not want this sort of things! The Catalan reading was read by a friend of mine and was about how love is like building a house. The one in English was about how love is like having a dog. It was very funny!  I got this reading from the off beat bride.

During the ceremony my sister and my sister in law explained and read things about the unity candle ceremony. This is something we do not do in Catalonia so we needed an explanation. I found nice readings about this ceremony that were read in both languages.

A lot of the ceremony structure and readings I had for the Catalan and English persons officiating the ceremony were from several web sites or from these two books:

Els dies més grans, propostes i textos per a un ceremonial civil from Joan Surroca i Sens

The Humanist Philosphy with an Irish guide to non-religious ceremonies from Dick Spicer and Ellen Sides.

Tablet case

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

I made this case for the tablet as a present for my husband’s birthday. It was very simple.

I measured the width/length of the tablet and I cut the fabric according to it. I added to and extra triangular shape at one end of one of the sides for the leap of the cover.

I wanted the tablet to be well protected so I cut 4 pieces of felt slightly smaller to the size of the tablet and I sewed two pieces together for one side and then the other two.  Then I just sewed everything together and I added a ribbon at the edge of the leap and voilà!!!

After a few days of using it my husband told me he was thrilled with the design but that in the next version I should add a hole for the charging cable! so bear this is in mind if you do it!


Newspapers Furniture

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

I have a friend, Gemma, that is really crafty. I remember the first time she showed me her new home and I was so impressed to see that she had made an armchair from cardboard!

I should ask her to take a photo and post it here. Today I do not know why I was thinking about it and I came across on line furniture made with newspaper! yes newspaper isn’t it cool?


DNA Bookcase

Saturday, March 17th, 2012

I must say that I am a big fan of Cattelan Italia furniture. Cattelan Italia is a very prestigious brand that offers the best of Italian design since 1979. Possibly one of my favourite products is their DNA bookcase designed by Reverso. The Bookcase comes with 13 shelves in white or black painted steel

Flower Girls and Page boy

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

My mum did a super job for the flower girls and page boy outfits. She made them all herself from scratch.

She used wild blue silk that we bought in NY years before in a whole sale store in the design district. In this same area we bought little flowers that my mum used to do the hair bans for the girls. This shop is an absolutely treasure for crafters you can find amazing stuff. Here we bought as well some fringes made of shells that were added to the outfits. This incredible shop is: Tinsel trading

Here are the fringes

The girl’s dresses were longer at the back than at the front and had pieces of tulle cut in triangular shape to match my dress. The page boy had a mao shape blouse with cream trousers.

Soft toys animals

Sunday, March 11th, 2012

In the last months I had a lot of birthdays coming up so I decided to make as many things I could in order to give something more personal as well as saving a bit of money!

I made these adorable elephants  and this giraffe for my nieces. My sis told me they liked them so I am pleased!

I have to say it was my niece Emma that inspired me, when she saw the android doll for her uncle she said she wanted a friend too 😉

You can find the links here to how to make them!




Decorate with Wood Slices

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Interior design does not need to be expensive! you can pick up items from your garden or from your local area to create a bespoke area in your home!

This post was inspired by the fact that the other day, on the way to my parents in law, I saw that the local authorities had cut the hedges of the road that goes into their home. They had left on the side of the road the branches they trimmed and they were left there to rot. I thought “godness, this surely could be used for something”

I know that you could pick them up and use them to burn in your fire. However, since I do not have a fireplace in my tiny apartment I started to look on the web for inspiration and I found this!

I love what I found! I think I am going to try some of the designs!!! What do you think?


Irish Design

Monday, March 5th, 2012

I always have been a fan of buy local/local design. However, is not always easy to follow this principle in Ireland. Prices went so high in the last years and the government seems to think that the best they can do to fix this crisis is to increase taxes! Surely if they would not be bailing the banks (which are the ones that put us on this spot) things would be much better!

Anyway! I am glad to show you a very interesting web site that has a lot of the Irish design that you can buy and it is all at a very competitive price! the web site is called Give Irish Craft

I like the website however, I do not like the way that you can not buy from them the items. If you want to buy something you need to go into Stockists and then check for places in your area that stock those items.

Here is an example from a great Irish design that you can buy to decorate your home! I love it so simple, good value and colourful! and guys it is only 49.95€!!!!!!!!




Friday, March 2nd, 2012

My passion has always been the sea so the whole wedding theme was Sea oriented. For the favours, I thought it would be nice to do something that represented my husband passion, computers! So we gave to each guest a mouse mat. We designed the mats ourselves. Each mat had a photograph of the undersea and had all the shells featured in our wedding. Also it had a globe with arrows pointing the countries where we are from and a big Thank you in both languages. We got this done in UK in a company called Cherry thing.

The mouse mat was presented inside of a pocket that was made of blue cardboard and stitched with sawing machine with gold thread. Then around the pocket there were two different blue strings (in raffia) that were attached to the cardboard with a label with our wedding logo (three stars and our initials)