Decorate with Wood Slices

Interior design does not need to be expensive! you can pick up items from your garden or from your local area to create a bespoke area in your home!

This post was inspired by the fact that the other day, on the way to my parents in law, I saw that the local authorities had cut the hedges of the road that goes into their home. They had left on the side of the road the branches they trimmed and they were left there to rot. I thought “godness, this surely could be used for something”

I know that you could pick them up and use them to burn in your fire. However, since I do not have a fireplace in my tiny apartment I started to look on the web for inspiration and I found this!

I love what I found! I think I am going to try some of the designs!!! What do you think?



One Response to “Decorate with Wood Slices”

  1. Ila says:

    love the mirror!!