Irish Design

I always have been a fan of buy local/local design. However, is not always easy to follow this principle in Ireland. Prices went so high in the last years and the government seems to think that the best they can do to fix this crisis is to increase taxes! Surely if they would not be bailing the banks (which are the ones that put us on this spot) things would be much better!

Anyway! I am glad to show you a very interesting web site that has a lot of the Irish design that you can buy and it is all at a very competitive price! the web site is called Give Irish Craft

I like the website however, I do not like the way that you can not buy from them the items. If you want to buy something you need to go into Stockists and then check for places in your area that stock those items.

Here is an example from a great Irish design that you can buy to decorate your home! I love it so simple, good value and colourful! and guys it is only 49.95€!!!!!!!!