We wanted some music matching with a relax and fun ceremony.  We did not want the typical classical music! I found this brilliant a cappella group on my space, Les Sixters . As it turned out one of them was one of my piano teachers from years ago and the others were teaching in the music school I attended.

They were amazing! Everybody was absolutely astonished with their songs! I used their version of “Mediterraneo” (Joan Manel Serrat) to go down the aisle. I have to say that their version is much better than the original one!  They sang in different languages, Portuguese, Basc, some African language, Catalan, Spanish!!! Multicultural songs for our multicultural wedding!

During the snack food we had a group of jazz playing. It was so lovely to hear them in the background while everybody was chatting away and enjoying the weather!

For the dance we had the D.J. from the venue. I must say that he was great. He brought everybody out on the floor dance!