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Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

I came a cross this wonderful website Designist. Designist was created by too friends, Barbara and Jennie. They wanted to make a difference in the gift and homeware market. In their store you can find really unusual products that you must to buy!

As they say in their website they do not have generic mass produced products or average products but wonderful and interesting ones!

They really got up to a very interesting gift and homeware store!

If you want to see their physical shop you can find it at Sixty-Eight South Great Georeges Street in Dublin. If you are a lazy bump bumps like me and you do not feel to go all the way to Dublin, you can buy their products on line!

Their website looks easy to use and very well laid out!

Here there are some of the cool products  that caught my eye that you can find in Designist:


Saturday, May 26th, 2012

My mother in law made the corsage flowers the day before the wedding. They looked gorgeous. They were made with orchids to match my bouquet. They were very nice and simple they were made with three short pieces of rushes (an Irish plant that grows in bog land) and one orchid. My husband had two orchids to stand out from all the others. I have to say that they were matching so well my bouquet I loved them!

Tissue Box

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

I have to say that I always prefared big tissue boxes over handkerchiefs. The thing I do not like about tissue boxes is that unless you buy the expensive ones the boxes are horrible with the big name of the supermarket on it or with horrendous colours and letters. So this week what I did was a little pocket for my tissue box.

I just used some fabric I bought in IKEA a while back and then I literally but it in a rectangle and then I did a hole on the top for the tissues.

Green clothes

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

A while back I came a cross in the Irish Times the shop Fluorescent Elephant. As soon as I read about it I thought it was very interesting.

In this shop they sell vintage clothes that they purchase around Europe. Do not be put off by this because they really have truly unique things that look contemporary and unique!

I know these type of stores are more common in places like States. My friend Alisha always missed them here in Europe. So please give it a chance! Plus this is a company of conscience. They advocate sustainability and encourage reduction in the purchase of highly disposable clothing in favour of distinguished pieces that just keep giving!

The best of all they do not only have an online presence! so you can try and touch all their items!

Their shop is located in Unit 9 Sprangers Yard, Crow Street in Temple Bar.



Thursday, May 17th, 2012

If you like quirky things for your home you should check out the online shop Ubode. They have cool affordable designer products for your home.

They are Irish so they deliver to your door for a very small price. Do not think it twice and check their products!

Here there is one of their many clocks. Cool isn’t it?

Table Decoration

Monday, May 14th, 2012

The florist from the venue decorated with flower arrangements the tables at the reception. She used a variety of white flowers that suited very well the restaurant since the room is all black.  Although I knew that the place was going to look good with the flower arrangements we wanted to bring the sea into the reception room as well. In order to do this we made arrangements for each table made from shells. It was quite easy to do this and very effective. We used as a base of wicked sticks and then we glued to them different shells. Since each table had instead of numbers names of shells/starfish, each arrangement had featured in larger numbers the shells that were belonging to that table. For example on the table that was called “Scallop” they had more scallops than the other tables.

Representing each table we had a photo of the shell and its name up high for people to know where to seat. Also each table had a big version of the shell/starfish that represented each table. We placed them in high old glass/silver candle holders or high plastic boxes so people could see them easily, so they would know where to seat.

The main table was a big round table for my immediate family and my husband’s. At the edge of the circle that was facing the guests we had a fish net with lots of shells and starfish. This net was going from the top of the table down to the floor. On the floor where the fishing net was finishing there were lots of white rose petals.


It was important to me that all the shells featured at the wedding were shells that were coming from beach combing or from different projects from my lab. The only shells we had to buy were the big ones representing each table and some saddle oysters. I was not very happy about this but I made sure to buy them in reputable shops. As a matter of fact some of them were even replicas of the real animal!

Since it was important for me that everybody would know this we made cardboard cards explaining this and we placed them in each table




The seating cards were napkin rings. They were made of saddle oysters and children’s bracelets. Years ago my mum and dad had gone on holidays to Cambodia and they had bought a bunch of bracelets that some children were making on the street. The bracelets were made to the size of those children’s arms so they were very small. We made holes on the saddle oysters and put the bracelets trough them! Then with a brown permanent marker my mum wrote the names of the guests. I was not allowed to do it, my writing is atrocious!  My husband said people would not understand their own names!

In the children table we could not have napkin rings since most of our children could not read so we had transparent cubes with photographs of each guess running between fish or else coming out of a big fish mouth!


My mum and I made the menus for the reception. They were simple white cardboard cards that had a rectangular at the front made with the white fibrous and blue papers from the invitation. On top of the square we glued the shell that represented each table. Each menu was in the language of each guest. For the list of snacks we draw a big fish and we put the list of snacks inside.




Friday, May 11th, 2012

My husband has a seriously problem for letting go things! He would keep everything. When he was young he had this fairy wall paper in his bedroom and his mum removed it after many years when she restyled the room. My husband would not let her mum to through away the wall paper and he made her keep it in the attic!

This year for his birthday, she gave him a really unusual present that I loved even more than him!! I think is because I love crafts 😉 she bought in a craft shop cardboard letters that read the word DREAM and cover them with the wall paper and painted the back in a blue/green tone matching the paper it looks brilliant! I think this is the perfect accessory for a nursery!!!!!!!!!!

She got the cardboard letters in crafty angels.


Compost Bags

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

I think sometimes is difficult to try to recycle if you live in a small apartment like us. It took me a while to develop a system for recycling. We know have 4 small bins. One for general waste, another one for glass and cans, another one for plastic and another one for paper. I was happy with the system since trying to fit 4 bins was challenging enough in such a small environment.  My husband said it was not good enough. “What about the organic? ” he kept asking. Well how does he wants us to do organic we do not have a garden!

So then some body told me about compostable bags. They are biodegradable, I think they are made from some potato ingredient! they are easy to find. They even do them in Lidl. Anyway, what we now do is to fill all the organic waste inside of one of these bags.  At the weekend when we go to my in laws for a visit we deposit it in their compost bin. So now we are all happy and recycling everything we can!!!


LEGO Storage

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

I have to say that I was never a LEGO fan. However, my husband absolutely loved it as a child!

So when I saw this storage solution on line with the shape of LEGO cubes and LEGO heads I knew I had to buy it for him.

You can buy them from A place for everything I bought a few things from there and the service is excellent and they deliver to Ireland!



Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

We wanted a photographer that could capture our day in a natural way. We never liked photos that we had to pose so we wanted something more like a photo documentary I guess. We had the added problem that half of the guests were speaking English so it was important that the photographer could communicate with them all. We chose for this task Karel Noppe.  He did a brilliant job. Himself and his wife are wonderful people that made you feel relax in front of the cameras in seconds. He had great ideas and he took excellent photos of our day. We both are so pleased with the album it looks brilliant!