Table Decoration

The florist from the venue decorated with flower arrangements the tables at the reception. She used a variety of white flowers that suited very well the restaurant since the room is all black.  Although I knew that the place was going to look good with the flower arrangements we wanted to bring the sea into the reception room as well. In order to do this we made arrangements for each table made from shells. It was quite easy to do this and very effective. We used as a base of wicked sticks and then we glued to them different shells. Since each table had instead of numbers names of shells/starfish, each arrangement had featured in larger numbers the shells that were belonging to that table. For example on the table that was called “Scallop” they had more scallops than the other tables.

Representing each table we had a photo of the shell and its name up high for people to know where to seat. Also each table had a big version of the shell/starfish that represented each table. We placed them in high old glass/silver candle holders or high plastic boxes so people could see them easily, so they would know where to seat.

The main table was a big round table for my immediate family and my husband’s. At the edge of the circle that was facing the guests we had a fish net with lots of shells and starfish. This net was going from the top of the table down to the floor. On the floor where the fishing net was finishing there were lots of white rose petals.


It was important to me that all the shells featured at the wedding were shells that were coming from beach combing or from different projects from my lab. The only shells we had to buy were the big ones representing each table and some saddle oysters. I was not very happy about this but I made sure to buy them in reputable shops. As a matter of fact some of them were even replicas of the real animal!

Since it was important for me that everybody would know this we made cardboard cards explaining this and we placed them in each table




The seating cards were napkin rings. They were made of saddle oysters and children’s bracelets. Years ago my mum and dad had gone on holidays to Cambodia and they had bought a bunch of bracelets that some children were making on the street. The bracelets were made to the size of those children’s arms so they were very small. We made holes on the saddle oysters and put the bracelets trough them! Then with a brown permanent marker my mum wrote the names of the guests. I was not allowed to do it, my writing is atrocious!  My husband said people would not understand their own names!

In the children table we could not have napkin rings since most of our children could not read so we had transparent cubes with photographs of each guess running between fish or else coming out of a big fish mouth!


My mum and I made the menus for the reception. They were simple white cardboard cards that had a rectangular at the front made with the white fibrous and blue papers from the invitation. On top of the square we glued the shell that represented each table. Each menu was in the language of each guest. For the list of snacks we draw a big fish and we put the list of snacks inside.