One of my favourite furniture companies is Calligaris. They are an Italian family-run company that designs, produces and distributes tables, beds, sofas, storage units and furnishing accessories.

I really like their contemporary, colourful, and fresh design.

Here you have some inspiration!!

Look at this new chair that they have out! It is called Basil chair because it is inspired with a basil leave! I think it is so nice and original

I like this chair too is called L’eau. It really looks like a drop of water


2 Responses to “Calligaris”

  1. Ila says:

    L’eau is beautiful!!!!!

  2. Ciara O'Leary says:

    Hi Maria,
    Myself and Simon love Calligaris too!!
    We bought a calligaris dining table. I would love one of there large shelving units the ones that take up the whole wall (its on my wishlist). We built an Ikea one until we win the lotto!!