Mystery wine tasting party

Last year for my brother’s in law birthday we gave him a voucher to do a wine tasting night. Unfortunately he never got to use it. I must say I really dislike giving vouchers because then these things happen!

This year for his birthday we decided that since he did not get to go to the wine tasting night we would bring the tasting night to him!

I do not know much about wines so I went out to the internet to look for ideas.

I found on line this cool idea  about how to do a mystery wine tasting party.

The idea consists on inviting a bunch of people and ask everybody to bring two bottles of wine. Then you wrap half of the bottles of wine with little bags and stencil each bag with a different number. The other half of the bottles will be the price for the winner.Every body has to taste the wines. In cards every body has to score each bottle of wine. The wine that gets the higher score is obviously the most tasty one. Who ever has brought that wine is taking all the other bottles home!

If you want to find out more about this party check CB2 website

I actually modified the idea a slightly since we wanted the party to be his present.

I bought 6 bottles of wines and then I covered them with fabric bags that I made. Each bag had a number and then I had cards for each bottle asking questions about the wine.

Questions like: what does the wine taste of? where is it from? etc.. Each question had 3 options and in one of the cards I had all the answers.

Here are some photos so you can see the final product!