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Male party decorations

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

I went down to Spain a few weeks ago to celebrate my uncle’s 70 birthday party. All my family was looking forward to the party. This is because my uncle had a stroke last year. So this party was not only to celebrate his 70’s, but also the fact that he is now well and back in action!

My mum wanted to do a few things for him so she made a really funny film about my uncle’s life that was shown after the lunch but she also wanted to do something else decorating the venue.

I gave her a hand. Since my uncle was absolutely adamant that every body going to the party had to wear a tie. And he even treated all men by not letting them in, if they were not wearing a tie…. We decided to make a little joke/decoration with ties.

We got old ties and bought some others from the Euro shop and hung them from a tree from where the food was going to be served. Then we placed flowers on the ties that were held by a pin that said Made peace and not war 😉

It was an absolutely hit every body thought it was hilarious. My uncle even told me that if anybody arrived with out a tie I had to tell them to pick one up from the tree!!!!

Here is how they looked:


Then for the tables, instead of numbers my mum had a year of my uncle’s life going down from 70. The years were not consecutive there were important years of his life. Like when he got married or had children…

Here is how it looked:


Also to follow the joke with the ties we did place names for the table that were ties for the males and bow ties for the females.

this is how it looked: