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Recycle your Christmas waste

Sunday, January 6th, 2013

We all produce that much extra during the Christmas holidays.

I made a list of tips to remember to recycle all your Christmas waste:

  • Recycle your used packaging, used electrical items and batteries at your local recycling centre or waste collector.
  • Keep glass separate for recycling at the bottle bank or recycling centre. Do not leave your bottles on the ground in boxes or bags at the bottle bank.
  • Recycle your used cardboard and Christmas wrapping paper by folding rather than scrunching it up.  Christmas crackers and Christmas cards are all recyclable.  Make sure all the cardboard and paper is clean and dry.
  • No need to worry about selotape on wrapping paper; this can be recycled too!
  • Recycle food tins and aluminium drink cans – Remove any left over food from tin and rinse out the drink can and if you can, squash the tin/can.
  • Recycle plastic drinks bottles, milk bottles, shampoo bottles, detergent and washing up liquid bottles, soap dispenser bottles, shower gel bottles and yoghurt drink bottles by rinsing these bottles out to get rid of any leftovers, squash them and place in recycle bin at recycling centre/waste collector.
  • Recycle glass bottles/jars at your local recycling centre or bottle bank.
  • When the festivities are over bring any unwanted gifts of clothes or toys to your local charity shop/recycling centres or give them away online through sites such as
  • If you have a real Christmas tree you can avail of the collection service provided by your County Council.