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Glow in the Dark

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

Last time I was in Michaels I stocked up with craft tools and supplies. I bought something I was looking forward to use for ages.  Glow in the dark paint.

I experimented with it this week. I painted a big vase that I have with shells in the balcony with very small dots and then two candle jars.

I also painted the bulbs from the fairy lights that I have in the balcony. I thought that like this even without turning them on they would look to be working.

I must say that the results are a bit disappointing.  There is not as much glowing as I thought! in fact unless I put the jars inside of the bathroom that has no windows and I shut the door, I can not even see a glow!!

I got the idea from Curbly blog and I was expecting it to look like this: