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Xicu Cabanyes

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

I think that art is very important part of interior design. A particular painting or sculpture can really light up a home.

Today I would like you to know more about Xicu Cabanyes. He is a Catalan artist that I really like and that has been in my family history for many years! My parents met him just after they married and they followed his artistic trajectory for years.

Last Christmas Santi left us a very particular present one of his sculptures! I really like it.

This particular one is part of a series of ones called the “Death and Disfiguration of Geometry”. The fundamental axis of this sculptural discourse, mainly based on shape, is the conflictive relationship between what is geometric and what is organic and, above all, the preeminence of the second factor. It basically represents how in nature we do not have geometrical shapes but rounded and how nature fights to have these shapes back.

Xicu Cabanyes is a very talented artist and if you ever decide to go to Girona I think you should drop down to his forest. He has a forest called Can Ginebreda where he has a lot of his art exhibit around a 40,000m2 area!