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Baby towel

Monday, June 10th, 2013

This was an extremely easy baby craft to do!

1)      I got in IKEA an orange FRAJEN towel (100x150cm)

2)      I cut the towel in half. This gave me two pieces on for each baby towels (but one ended being bigger than the other, because I had to cut in one of the two pieces the piece for the towel’s hood)

3)      In one of the pieces I cut a 30cm square. Then made a cut along the diagonal of this square which left me with two triangles. Each triangle was used for the hood of each one of the towels.

4)      Obviously then I had to fix the towel that I had cut the 30cm square because it was not the same length in all that side of the towel. What I did is that I cut the towel and I plan to use the left over for burping clothes.

5)      I bought in the last craft show in the RDS a beautiful fabric with whales. I stitched this fabric to the back of the big piece and then to the back of each one of the hoods.

6)      Then I stitched the hood in the big towel with the whales fabric out in the side where there is no fabric only towel. This ends with one towel

7)      For the smaller towel I stitched a piece of fabric around the edge of each sides of the towel (this prevents the towel to fray) and then I stitched the hood in one of the corners!

8)      Remember to stitch the hoods with the pointy each of the triangles up to the corner so it actually can work as a hood!