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Changing Pad

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

I went a bit made on the changing Pad business.

I did an initial one that I am going to use every time I am carrying my changing pad bag. Then I decided to do another one for days that I do not want to take with me the whole changing bag. It is a changing pad that has incorporated pockets on it so I can store everything I need. Like the baby powder, some cream or nappies. Again I made two of the pocked baby pads, one for me and another to leave in my parents in law house.

The first changing pad that I made to carry inside of my bag is this:

I made it with matching fabric to the changing bag. The fabric is from IKEA but unfortunately it has been discontinued! I got the link from Meremade blog. If you want to follow her wonderful tutorial click here

The other changing pads that I made that have an incorporated pocket for the changing pad facilities are made by the inspiration from the We all sew website . Although I have to say that I made them slightly wider since I was afraid the baby would not fit. I guess this is the voice of the never had babies mum 😉 I am sure he would have fitted in the other one. I also never bothered on rounding the sides. I am terrible with the scissors! I think that if I would made this again I would actually made it narrower and longer so I would not have to remove each time the items from the pocket every time I would like to change the baby.

Here is how they look:

With the left over fabric and towel (I used for the inside to make the pads softer) I also made some burb clothes here there are:

The other style: