Activity blanket

I wanted to buy one of those activity blankets for babies to play away on the floor but when I saw how much they are I decided to make one myself!

I used IKEA fabric in one side and red bed sheet on the other side.

The size was exactly the size of a cot duvet this is because I am planning to put the duvet inside the pocket that I made with the two fabrics.

I wanted the blanket to be able to stimulate all the baby senses so at each corner we have different activities.

In one corner I made a fish that if you touch the fins it makes a noises (I filled the fins with plastic sheets that make noise)

In another corner there is sea weed made of felt (to let the baby to feel a different texture)

In another I have a wave made of cotton (soft fabric this time)

In the last corner I have a crab.

All the toys at the corner can be removed (to play somewhere else) and are placed in the blanket with ribbons.

I also made some long rectangles with jingles on them that make a lot of noise when you shake them ( I might regret this one hahahah)

In the middle of the blanket I have a big octopus and lots of different ribbons from different textures.

I hope my baby likes it!

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