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240 Pop cans + Plexiglass covers= free energy

Saturday, October 26th, 2013

I am still shocked about this article that I read in Hackmon.

The article explains how with 240 pop cans and plexiglass covers you can generate free heating! I wish my hubby would be a bit more hands on with his DIY and he could build me something like this!!!!!

Phone sheep

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

I love Sheep I guess it is a good thing since there are so many in Ireland!!!!!

This is why I absolutely loved to read this article from Tree Huger about how Jean-Luc Cornec converted phones into sheep!

Look how cool the look:

Green Algae-Based Batteries

Friday, October 4th, 2013

I read an amazing article in Technabob about some scientists at Uppsala University in Sweden developing highly efficient and paper-thin batteries using cellulose produced by Cladophora, a green algae!!

Cladophora produce high contents of cellulose which allows scientist to produce a large amount of conducting polymer. these cellulose-conducting polymer batteries hold 50 to 200 percent more charge than other conducting polymer batteries. Batteries that have been tested so far where able to reduce the charging time from 8 minutes down to 11 seconds!!!!

The applications could be amazing! not only because the batteries could be as thin as a paper so they could be embedded into wall papers, clothes, or newspapers but because the technology could power a lap top for a whole day!!



Energy Manager

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

I posted before about the SEAI web site where you have a lot of information about environmental projects, tips, grants to improve the insulation of your house and so on.

Today browsing the web site I discovered and interesting document that will help you to manage the amount of energy spent in your home.

Here is the link.

This document helps you to track the energy expenditure in your home and gives you tips about how to save energy.

I think you all should take a look!

GIY Ireland

Monday, September 16th, 2013

I blogged before about GIY Ireland and their excellent web site with tips about how to grow your own veg and so on.

I am pleased to say that now they even have an online shop and to my great interest they even have a section for urban garden. They have tips and sell a lot of containers to grow veggies in limited spaces.

I would love to grow some tomatoes in my balcony!!! Let’s see what I can produce in the following months besides my own son hahahahahha!!

The Balcony Gardener

Saturday, September 7th, 2013

I want to give a new look to my balcony and I found the perfect place to purchase items for it, The Balcony gardener.

They have a blog in their web site where you can get inspiration and you can buy from them all the items  for the perfect look!

Here are some of the products you can buy from them:

Green Holidays

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

I discover something quite interesting.

Discover Ireland has a section in their web site about green tourism.

They list green accommodation (hotels and B &B that they are green certified)

They list eco-activities that you can do (like horse riding, mountain biking,hikes..)

They list how to get to places with public transport

They list restaurants, food shops that they are ecological


All worth to take a look!



Monday, August 19th, 2013

The other day on my way back from the Coombe I found Ecounesco.

Eco-Unesco is Ireland’s Environmental Education and Youth organisation affiliated to the World federation of UNESCO clubs, Centres and Associations.

They are a registered Irish charity and their aims are:

  • to raise environmental awareness, understanding and knowledge of the environment among young people
  • to promote the protection and conservation of the environment
  • to promote the personal development of young people through practical environmental projects and activities
  • to promote the ideals of UNESCO

They have a bunch of activities and events for people of all ages, children (summer, Easter, xmas camps), teenagers (workshops, clubs..), and even workshops for adults (training you in environmental trades)!

It is worth while to take a look at their website or go down to them in 17 St Andrew Street,
Dublin 2.

Nest, the learning thermostat

Saturday, August 10th, 2013

Nest, is an incredible thermostat that learns about you and your home and then automatically balances comfort  and energy savings.

Nest can program itself in about a week. It can create a personalised scheduled based on the temperature changes you have made and continually adapts to your life.

It even can detect that you left the house! so if you leave it will automatically adjust the temperature to avoid heating and empty home.

How is doing this? by integrating the information from its sensors.

Another cool feature is that you can connect to the thermostat from a smartphone! so you can change the temperature from far away!



Water peble

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

Now that the water charges are closer than ever you should consider different solutions to control your water expenditure!

Here there is a really cool gadget that resembles a pebble and that you place in your shower to monitor the amount of water that you use.

The waterpebble monitors the amount of water consumed and alerts you when you are over 6 minutes by flashing a red light.

I think is a cool invention. You can buy it in several places but one of them is Firebox! I love that online shop, they really have cool stuff!