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Changing Pad

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

I went a bit made on the changing Pad business.

I did an initial one that I am going to use every time I am carrying my changing pad bag. Then I decided to do another one for days that I do not want to take with me the whole changing bag. It is a changing pad that has incorporated pockets on it so I can store everything I need. Like the baby powder, some cream or nappies. Again I made two of the pocked baby pads, one for me and another to leave in my parents in law house.

The first changing pad that I made to carry inside of my bag is this:

I made it with matching fabric to the changing bag. The fabric is from IKEA but unfortunately it has been discontinued! I got the link from Meremade blog. If you want to follow her wonderful tutorial click here

The other changing pads that I made that have an incorporated pocket for the changing pad facilities are made by the inspiration from the We all sew website . Although I have to say that I made them slightly wider since I was afraid the baby would not fit. I guess this is the voice of the never had babies mum 😉 I am sure he would have fitted in the other one. I also never bothered on rounding the sides. I am terrible with the scissors! I think that if I would made this again I would actually made it narrower and longer so I would not have to remove each time the items from the pocket every time I would like to change the baby.

Here is how they look:

With the left over fabric and towel (I used for the inside to make the pads softer) I also made some burb clothes here there are:

The other style:

BBQ party

Sunday, July 7th, 2013

Is  my brother’s in law birthday around this time of the year. Every year he likes to organise a BBQ for his friends.

This year I am going to suggest him to take a look at the Hostess with the Mostess website! they have brilliant ideas/printable for bbq parties.


Baby hats

Friday, June 28th, 2013

I did a clear out the other day of tshirts and fabrics and I made these adorable hats.

I got the idea from Rockie Mums. You have the super easy tutorial here

In one of my hats I actually added 2 pom pons. I think it looks so festive I want to wear it myself!!

Baby book

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

When I went to the Crafts show on the RDS last year I found a really nice stand from Village fabrics.

I have to say that most of my money went for them!

They have really nice fabrics and they have really nice sewing kits is well. I bought a particular one to do a child’s book. The kit contained:


Really well explained instructions on how to do the book

Templates that you could cut and use to cut your fabric shapes for the book

Different fabrics to use in the book


I really enjoyed doing this craft was so easy and the best? Well I can do it over and over again because now I have the instructions and the templates! I only need to buy more fabric!


Here is what the finished book looks like:


Baby towel

Monday, June 10th, 2013

This was an extremely easy baby craft to do!

1)      I got in IKEA an orange FRAJEN towel (100x150cm)

2)      I cut the towel in half. This gave me two pieces on for each baby towels (but one ended being bigger than the other, because I had to cut in one of the two pieces the piece for the towel’s hood)

3)      In one of the pieces I cut a 30cm square. Then made a cut along the diagonal of this square which left me with two triangles. Each triangle was used for the hood of each one of the towels.

4)      Obviously then I had to fix the towel that I had cut the 30cm square because it was not the same length in all that side of the towel. What I did is that I cut the towel and I plan to use the left over for burping clothes.

5)      I bought in the last craft show in the RDS a beautiful fabric with whales. I stitched this fabric to the back of the big piece and then to the back of each one of the hoods.

6)      Then I stitched the hood in the big towel with the whales fabric out in the side where there is no fabric only towel. This ends with one towel

7)      For the smaller towel I stitched a piece of fabric around the edge of each sides of the towel (this prevents the towel to fray) and then I stitched the hood in one of the corners!

8)      Remember to stitch the hoods with the pointy each of the triangles up to the corner so it actually can work as a hood!



Baby shoes

Saturday, June 1st, 2013

I have a confession to make! I am pregnant!!! obviously we are being cautious because of the previous precedents… However,  I started to make some crafts for the new arrival since I made it over the 20 week mark! yippeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

I saw on line a post about adorable baby shoes that I had to made.

I think they are lovely, easy to make, and so different from the classic old fashion knitted ones!

I got the idea and patterns from Stardust shoes



Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

I got a lovely ribbon this week and I decided to use it for bunting with some fabric that was not being used.

It was a very quick job and I am delighted on how it looks. I cut the bunting triangles with pinkie scissors and I saw them with the machine to the ribbon.



Inkjet Magnetic Sheets

Monday, May 13th, 2013

A couple of months ago I bought in Paper source this amazing sheets that are magnetic. So you can print on them anything you like and they become unusual and personalised magnets!

I have been experimenting with them and I actually used them to decorate a boring radiator.

Sew Can Do

Saturday, May 4th, 2013

Since I started the blog I increased my amount of monthly crafts. Sometimes I do things that I need or things I would like to give to other people. Other times I just do things that I like but I really do not need.

I have a bunch of web sites that I go for inspiration. Sew can Do is one of them. In this web site you can find tutorials to do so many things! so take a pick!

Getting ready for the good weather

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

I have decided to change the cushion covers around the house as well as the pocket organiser. I wanted bright colours! cheerful things that would remind you that summer will be soon in!

I used some fabric that I had bought in IKEA ages ago that screams cheerful!

According to every body this should be a good one! a very sunny one! so why not match your house with the summer colours!

I think I even feel more positive just looking at them!

Take a look: