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Alisha’s party

Friday, January 6th, 2012

Today is my friend Alisha’s Birthday. So I decided that I am going to show you some of the crafts that I made for her party during the summer!

The party had a yellow theme because it was her farewell party and she was going to leave our grey but lovely Dublin for the sunny California!!!


The party took place in one of my friends in Dublin and since it was at the evening I made this lovely lanterns made of tomatoe tins!

I painted them with yellow paint (the left overs from painting my in law’s garage doors) and then with a nail and a hammer I made wholes on each tin. Each tin had a letter. I just warn you, your hand might be tired after the second tin! I really did not know that the tins were so hard!!



I made a table cloth in yellow with fabric I bought in Hickeys and I also made a  whole bunch of bunting (I am hoping to post about how to make it soon!). I also made a photo garland which is very effective and she really liked. I printed all the photographs that I have from the four years we have been knowing each other and I cut them in circles. Then I taped them to a yellow ribbon and I alternated the photographs with yellow cards cut in scallop shape. I must say it was very effective and it was nice to see all the happymoments all my friends spent with Alisha! a nice memory for all of us!!


My friend is gluten intolerant, egg intolerant, lactose intolerant and many other things that I do not even have enough space to write about!! so we had to bake her a special cake and special muffins. We also put out a lot of fruit so she could eat something sweet!

At the main table with food. We had a whole yellow scheme with lemons/lemonade and yellow cards. I printed this vintage cards with funny messages such as “if life lives you lemons make lemonade, if that does not work add vodka”. I love them and  I got them from Farouche!

The party favours were little yellow bags that I made off from the left over of the table clothes and then  I filled them in with lavender that I collected in the garden from the place were we work together!!! These little bags are perfect to hang from the wardrobes and have nice smelling clothes!!