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Wall Panels

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Wall Art is a very interesting company that creates really ingenious wall panels. The wall panels are modern and eco friendly they are done from fibrous residue of sugarcane. In order to extract raw sugar you need to crush sugarcane stalks. The remaining fibres after crushing the sugarcane stalks are shredded and are used to be the base for the wall panels. This product is 100% recycled, compostable and is therefore 100% biodegradable!

One of the features that I really like is that you can paint them and make them fit in any room in your house!

Halloween Craft 2

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

Halloween is all about pumpkins so I took a look at Martha Stewart’s web site and I saw she had some fabric pumpkins. I made 3 of them!!

Halloween is nearly here !!!



Tuesday, September 11th, 2012