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Ceremony Booklet

Monday, January 9th, 2012

We wanted everybody at the ceremony to be able to follow what was happening. This meant we needed a ceremony booklet in both languages. At the same time, I did not want people to be reading everything so that they were not paying attention to the ceremony itself. So we did a very simple booklet. The first page had our first names and the date of the wedding. The second page had in Catalan all the titles (only the titles) from each section at the ceremony: entrance of the groom, entrance of the bride, welcome words… and then the names of the songs that they were played. After this whole section in Catalan we wrote the same entire thing in English.

During the ceremony we had readings in both languages. Since guests from one side would not be able to understand the readings in English and vice versa we wrote the translation of the whole reading in the Catalan part of the booklet. For example the English reading was translated to Catalan and was featured in the Catalan section. The Catalan reading was translated in to English and featured in the English version.

The making of the booklets was a completely night mare! I had the great idea that I wanted to glue the program to a flat scallop shell! There were times I wished I never had this idea! Because this meant that we had to cut each page to the size of the scallop. Each scallop was different so you had to do them individually! I must say I am not great at cutting so we decided to use scissors that cut in a scallop shape. The unfortunately thing is that these scissors can only take 2 pages at a time. So doing 140 booklets took a long time! And everybody got blisters in their hands, my mum, my sister, my brother in law!!!!!!!!!!!!

The scallops were painted with a bit of gold and blue and had a raffia ribbon on them is well. We placed them in big baskets decorated with blue ribbons, shells and moss. The baskets were placed in the middle of the garden. They looked beautiful!