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Monday, March 26th, 2012

Preparing the ceremony took a lot of effort! We wanted a civil ceremony but we did not want the typical 5 minute ceremony that is common in Spain/Ireland. This meant that we had to write everything that we wanted to be said to make it nice and personal. Also we had the added problem that the ceremony had to be in two languages! We did not want to have one person translating absolutely everything because it would have been too long and tiresome!

The official person marrying us was a friend of my Dad from his home town. He did an absolutely brilliant job! We wanted a funny, relax, and personal ceremony and he was able to do all this! He followed to perfection all the things we had asked him to say and he added nice bits to it. The English part was done by my brother in law. He was excellent. He read to perfection everything we gave him! We did not want a complete translation. So what we did is that for instance, when the Catalan person would talking about love, then the one doing the English would talk about love too. But not necessary translating it, but reading something related.

The readings were not sappy romantic stuff. We did not want this sort of things! The Catalan reading was read by a friend of mine and was about how love is like building a house. The one in English was about how love is like having a dog. It was very funny!  I got this reading from the off beat bride.

During the ceremony my sister and my sister in law explained and read things about the unity candle ceremony. This is something we do not do in Catalonia so we needed an explanation. I found nice readings about this ceremony that were read in both languages.

A lot of the ceremony structure and readings I had for the Catalan and English persons officiating the ceremony were from several web sites or from these two books:

Els dies més grans, propostes i textos per a un ceremonial civil from Joan Surroca i Sens

The Humanist Philosphy with an Irish guide to non-religious ceremonies from Dick Spicer and Ellen Sides.