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Sunday, April 8th, 2012


The flowers were in keeping with the wedding theme. Every arrangement was very natural and they could be flowers that you would find in your garden or in a park. Everything had a touch of blue, to remind you again of the sea! The flowers were done by La tija they did such a great job!

We had two main flower arrangements behind the table where we got married and then one on the table. The flowers were beautiful, they had a lot of greenery, ivy, wild roses, and a lovely touch of blue with Delphinium.

There were two arrangements in two tree meshes and one on the well. They all looked fabulous. However, my favourite arrangement was the one the florist created between a poplar tree and the area where we got married. The florist set steel wires that were stuck on the ground and were about one metre high. At the tip of the wire there were flower arrangements. They were so nice since they were moving on the wind! This was a great idea since it was perfect to divide the garden from the area that we were getting married.