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Save the Date

Monday, December 19th, 2011

Half of our guests were coming to Catalonia from Ireland.  We wanted to let them know that they were invited a good while in advance so they could organise flights, accommodation and so on. Therefore, we decided to do a save the date for all of them. Our save the date was not a simple card. It was a little booklet with information about our wedding. We had a first page saying that we were getting married and that we would be delighted for people to attend. The other pages contained information about the city, how to get there, which hotels they could book, the nice restaurants, and a full guide of the city, with important things to see, funny places to go and so on….

It was quite small about 20cm and it had 24 pages. The covers were made of blue cardboard and the pages were printed in thick photography paper since we had a lot of photos from the different places. The front cover had a piece of the white paper we used for the invitation and some shells stuck to it.