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Thank you Cards

Friday, June 8th, 2012

This is the last post on my wedding crafts! I hope you have enjoyed them and I did not bore you too much with the details!

The tradition in Catalonia is that as soon as you receive a wedding present you send a business card saying thank you. We did our own business cards with the wedding logo and our names on it and then we send them in the same envelopes used as the RSVP and with a stamp we had made ourselves.

In Ireland normally you send the thank you cards after the wedding since a lot of people give you presents even after you get married!!!!!I find this strange since our guests from Catalonia even gave us presents two months before we got married!!!

In the thank you cards you normally put photographs from the wedding. I had a lot of menu cards left over so what I did was to use them as thank you cards. We changed them a little bit.  We removed the big shell from the front and we changed it with small shells. Inside we had several photos from our wedding in one side and the other side was free for writing the thank you! We wrote personalise things to everybody I hate generic thank yous!!! Plus our guests had taken time to come all the way to Spain for our wedding, they deserved to mention that little memory you had of them or that little explanation on what you would do with their present!