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Wedding Invitation

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

My mum always told me that the wedding invitation is a crucial part of a wedding since this is the first thing that your guests are going to see. The first impression of your big day!

For the invitation I bought a paper that was made with fibres (long white strings) and white paper. I got it in Stein in Girona a couple of years before we decided to get married. As soon as I saw the paper I knew it had potential (even though that at the time I did not know what to do with it). I really liked it because the white paper parts of the paper are like the crests of a wave.

The only problem about doing the invites with this paper was the fibrous. You could see through them, so I needed to put some other paper under this one. So my mum came with the idea to put under a blue sheet so like this was even enhancing more the effect of a crest in the middle of the sea!

I always liked the invites that are coming out of a pocket so we decided eventually to do a  pocket to put the invitation.  I did not want the typical pockets that everybody has. So we decided to cut the pocket following the lines of the crest’s wave. Since the pocket did not seem right only made from paper we glued the blue paper to a thick cardboard and then we put the fibrous paper on top. On the left side of the pocket we made holes and then we put a raffia ribbon through them and finished it with a knot.

We really wanted people to feel that the invitation was coming from the sea so we decided to glue in the pocket little shells. My husband and I wanted everybody to feel involved in our wedding. We decided to use shells that all our friends and family had collected. All the invitations contained shells from Catalonia and from Ireland.

Inside of the pocket we had the invitation. My husband and I are from different countries and we speak different languages. We did not want to do separate invites for one side and the other. A wedding is to celebrate the union between two people so we wanted to put both languages in!

After a lot of debating we decided to do a three part invite (the sheet was folded into 3 parts). In one side would be the writing in Catalan and the other side in English. In the middle we would write the names of the guests and our families.

In the middle we wrote the families ‘names from both sides and their telephone numbers (something you do in Catalonia, people respond to the invite by phoning the families).  I think the Catalan guest were really impressed that they had their own names on the invites (this is something that you do not do in Catalonia but you do in Ireland!)

Since the middle page looked a bit empty we decided to add a wave of shells and sea stars. These shells and sea stars were representing the tables at our wedding. Each table instead of having numbers had the photo/name of a shell or starfish. Do not think we had so many tables the shells were repeated over and over to give a nicer wave effect!

The printing of the invitation was a completely night mare. My mum insisted that she wanted to print the sides in a matt finish and the centre in shiny finish. No matter what we were doing this was not working out or was looking wrong. Then my mum had the brilliant idea. She decided to print the centre of the invitation in an overhead paper and then glue it to the invite!!!

This looked really well because was bringing up the shells in the invitation making them much shinier than the rest of the text on both sides. We were really pleased with the results!

As a last minute idea we decided to put our initials on the top right of the invitation and I think it looked very pretty on the end. My husband chose the font he said it reminded him of the pirates of the Caribbean!

Wedding Invitation

Inside Invitation


In Ireland you normally add to your invitations RSVP cards that the guests fill in and send back to you.

In the pockets of our Irish guest we did RSVP cards. They were made from thick paper in two colours cream and white. They had the logo that we designed for our wedding, 3 little stars.  Each card had boxes to thick saying I am or I am not attending, and a blank line to fill if they had any food requirements. Since we wanted to make it easy for people to send us back the RSVP cards we already put them in an envelope with a stamp (a set of Irish ones that feature photographs of marine animals) and we even wrote our address on it!! So they had literally to thick the box saying (I am attending/no), fill in special requirements and then only send it away!

This was actually tedious to do because we wanted to be able to put the card inside the pocket so we had to do from scratch envelopes to fit to the pouch! We used the same thick paper as the RSVP card




The envelopes for the invitation were bought in RAIMA in Barcelona  I bought a lot of things for my wedding in this shop. All the paper excluding the fibrous white one that covered the pouch in the invite is coming from this shop.


The invites had maps for the guests to know how to get to the venue. We made different ones in Catalan and English so everybody could follow easily where to go the day of the wedding.

The maps were printed in overhead paper and then they were glued to the same thick paper used in the RSVP for the Irish.

The map was very much keeping with the theme of the wedding. It had a special type of fish (the species I did research for more than 5 years) swimming around. The guests had to follow the fish to get to wedding venue.



In many countries: USA, UK, Spain you can do your own stamps and use them to send your invitations but unfortunately not in Ireland. So for Ireland we had to use some stamps that they had photographs with marine creatures on them with even the scientific names on them! How appropriate!!!

For the Catalan guest we could create our own stamps. Although we did not use any of the stamps for the invites since I hand delivered every single invite we used them for the thank you cards.  We used the same design that we used for the favours. It was an underwater photograph with a globe pointing out from where we are from and then a big thank you in both languages and our names.