Tomb stone cookies

October 9th, 2013

Are you ready for some scary food for your Halloween party?  I suggest you to make this yummie cookies from all recipes.com


Halloween printables 2013

October 8th, 2013

I do not know  about you but I am always looking for free printables to do my party themes.

Here you have some webs where you can find cool printables!

Do you need some place cards? take a look at this ones:


Do you need something to decorate your cupcakes? You can get in this web site some tips!

If you want to print this lovely set from My Daily randomness blog go here



Halloween Craft 2013

October 7th, 2013

Halloween is approaching so get ready for the Crafting race!! Get the glue out and start making something!

I found this spooktacular wreath on this fantastic blog!


Green Algae-Based Batteries

October 4th, 2013

I read an amazing article in Technabob about some scientists at Uppsala University in Sweden developing highly efficient and paper-thin batteries using cellulose produced by Cladophora, a green algae!!

Cladophora produce high contents of cellulose which allows scientist to produce a large amount of conducting polymer. these cellulose-conducting polymer batteries hold 50 to 200 percent more charge than other conducting polymer batteries. Batteries that have been tested so far where able to reduce the charging time from 8 minutes down to 11 seconds!!!!

The applications could be amazing! not only because the batteries could be as thin as a paper so they could be embedded into wall papers, clothes, or newspapers but because the technology could power a lap top for a whole day!!




Timber floor

October 1st, 2013

I have been looking at different options for timber floor for our house and I came across this company called Quick Step. I really like them and it looks that they have really nice options for floors.

The explanations about each products are very good. For example it explains super well the difference between engineered floor and solid wood:

“Quick-Step Parquet is an engineered hardwood floor. It means it is made up of three layers of real wood, compared to one layer for solid wood floors. Thanks to the careful selection of raw materials and a sophisticated manufacturing process, engineered hardwood is significantly less sensitive to contracting and expanding than solid wood floors”.

Here are some of their floors:


Cloud and rain

September 28th, 2013

My lovely baby will have to get used to the Irish rain. I do not want him to think that rain is a bad thing.

So I made a cloud made of cotton cloud (I basically stuck the cotton to a cereal box that I cut in a shape of a cloud). From the cloud I hanged colour velvet rain drops.

I am planning to place it by the changing table so he can see it while being changed.

Here is how it looks:


Energy Manager

September 25th, 2013

I posted before about the SEAI web site where you have a lot of information about environmental projects, tips, grants to improve the insulation of your house and so on.

Today browsing the web site I discovered and interesting document that will help you to manage the amount of energy spent in your home.

Here is the link.

This document helps you to track the energy expenditure in your home and gives you tips about how to save energy.

I think you all should take a look!


Balcony ideas

September 22nd, 2013

I am constantly looking for inspiration on the web about house design. This week I am debating about the possibility to get a balcony in our house. If our beloved architect is reading this I am sure is pulling out her hair! I know we scraped that idea but I like to ponder everything about a million times!

So I went into Houzz for inspiration. I got some cool ideas:


Toy Wreath

September 19th, 2013

I am giving the final touches to the nursery. I promess I will make photos soon with the whole room finished up!

I really like Wreaths for all occasions so I made one for the nursery room. It is made with some scrap fabric and then with 0.50€ toys from IKEA.

I basically just got some scrap fabric and made a circle that I filled in with stuffing and then I stitched in a bunch of IKEA soft toys and finger puppets.

I love the final product!



GIY Ireland

September 16th, 2013

I blogged before about GIY Ireland and their excellent web site with tips about how to grow your own veg and so on.

I am pleased to say that now they even have an online shop and to my great interest they even have a section for urban garden. They have tips and sell a lot of containers to grow veggies in limited spaces.

I would love to grow some tomatoes in my balcony!!! Let’s see what I can produce in the following months besides my own son hahahahahha!!