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Wheel chair accessable home

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Recently somebody that I know has to redesign her home. Her dad is now using a wheel chair so they do need to change the layout of the house. Their house is not any more suitable since they do not have a bedroom downstairs and their downstairs bathroom is not suitable for a wheel chair.

This made me think. I know that they live in a house that was designed a few years ago but I was wondering… are now new house states designed for this eventualities? are people designing their own house catering for this?

I decided to change the layout of my house based on this. I have nobody in my family using a wheel chair but you never know. Plus homes should be usuable for everybody!

I was already going to have a bedroom downstairs but I am going to change the layout and the bathroom size now. Only by adding another half a metre in width I will be able to have it suitable for wheel chair access! what is half a metre in the design of a house? not much of a change or hassle but having to do this once the house is built is a completely different story!!!

If you want to find out more about all this you can download building regulations from 2010 (the newest I could find) in the environ web site. The name of the document is technical guidance M-Access for People with Disabilities.