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Christmas crafts

Monday, December 24th, 2012

I found a bunch of Christmas tutorials if you still need to do some Christmas crafts:

Snowflakes from Purlbee:

Rudolf the reindeer from Pritty Ditty:

A lovely Garland from Tatertots and jello:


Recycled Christmas ornaments

Friday, December 21st, 2012

Do you need some ideas on recycled/green ornaments for this Christmas?

From neotarama:

Christmas CD from Apartment therapy:

Wreath from old Christmas cards from She is so ambitious:

Ornament made from lids from Plumpudding:


Another Wreath idea with tutorial included from Michele made me:

Another Christmas ornament from Michele made me:

Christmas ornaments from Wool Sweaters from Craft Buds:

Here is my own version: I made this xmas garland and xmas trees from old unwanted jumpers!


Christmas interior design

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Here you have some inspiration to decorate your home for Christmas:

From Oh my hand made:

From House Pretty Blog:

From House to home:



From Plytextiles:

Christmas trees

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

I like to make a few hand made decorations every year. I found this cute Christmas trees on the Lemon tree creations website. They are nice aren’t they? and they are easy to make too!

Here is my own personal version! I used wine corks and fabric from unwanted clothes!


Happy Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 25th, 2011

For today’s post I would like to show you some of my crafts for this holidays!!!

I bought years ago Christmas stockings that I never liked. I thought of buying new ones but after all we should all try to reuse things instead of throwing them away! So  I decided to do a bit of magic on them. I recovered them with Christmas fabric that I bought in Hickeys and then I added some felt balls that were part of an old necklace that I bought in Rome years ago! then added our faces on them to let know Santi which one is from who and voilà!! new stockings that I love!

I thought this was very original but then I was disappointed to see it in Martha Stewart’s Christmas magazine! It is an advent calendar for the corridor. Since this is a very long stretch I wanted something long and Christmasy to feel in the space so I thought of this. I bought a wide red ribbon in Lidl and then I hanged socks that I got in Penneys, Marks Spencers, and in Michaels (one of my favourite craft shops in States). Every sock has a different treat and there are 25 of them!!!!!!!!! I think is very effective and it looks well in a long space like the corridor!


This idea I got it from Martha Stewart’s living magazine. It is perfect for us! we live in a very small apartment so we really do not have space for a tree. However, I still love the idea to have a Christmas tree with the presents at the bottom of it. So I love this idea. It does not take up space it is only on the wall and it looks fabulous!!!

Last week my friend Carlotta and I went a bit crazy. We went out to a mini forest close to work and we got full bags of mini pine cones. So I did a couple of things with pine cones. I placed lost of empty jars with them around the living room but I also did this:

I simply used some ribbon that I had bought in Michaels and then I glued the pine cones along it. Then I hung the ribbon to the chair with golden raffia ribbon that I had left from my wedding and I think the effect is quite nice! I am happy with it!

Since I had so many pine cones around I hung some of them from different places in the living room using festive twine that I bought in Ikea for very good value!

This year in the summer sales I went a bit mad buying a lot of fabric in Hickeys and one of the things that I bought then was a piece of Christmas fabric that cost only 12€!!!! that made this lovely Christmas decoration! The Red behind the Christmas fabric is an old bed sheet and the filling is also the filling from an old coat of mine! Well ladies and gentleman we should always try to reuse and recycle!!

I think it looks quite well on the living room door! happy with the results!

And finally my last Christmas craft for this year:

I had intended to hang this from the ceiling over the coffee table but of course I could not! we have fake ceilings and I was afraid that it would not hold the decorations.

I got the inspiration to do this in ABC in New York. This is such a great shop that I love to visit when I am in New York. Who ever decorates that shop deserves an A+++++++++++++++++++++++ I love the place! a source of inspiration for every body.


The twigs and branches are from the park down in my town and then from the branches I have silver strings (bought in Lidl, part of a sawing kit) that have pieces of cotton hanging from them. Before hanging the pieces of cotton I dunked them in glittery make up that I had around the house from an old Halloween party. So like this the cotton is matching the rest of the scheme. Along the cottons I also added pieces of silvery ribbon to make it all even more silvery!

From the branches I also have silver glittery snow flakes that I bought in Tinsel Trading in New York (a most go shop if you visit the big apple!). In Tinsel trading I also bought 6 yards of the silver ribbon that I used to hang some decorations and jingle bells that I bought in Michaels. The three beautiful Christmas ornaments, the whale, the walrus, and the narwhal are from the amazing anthropology shop. I am restricting  myself to this place I always end spending a fortune every time I step on one of their branches!

I hope you enjoy my Christmas crafts! maybe you even got some inspiration!!