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Reupholster furniture

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

When my Mum and Dad got married they did not have much money. So they tried to save as much as money as possible. Furnishing their new home, with brand new furniture, was not on the cards for them. This is the reason why my grandparents let them to use some old furniture from their shed. The funny thing about this, is that the furniture was actually very very old! it had been used by many generations in my family. So old, that my mum and that had to restore it!

My mum always liked the furniture but recently she wanted to give it a new modern look. So she reupholster the couch and the head board in their bedroom and this is the result:


I really like the contrast of old and new. Do you like the fabrics? we got the one for the couch in ABC carpet and home in New York, and the one from the bedroom is from a really cool fabric store that I recommend if you are in New York. This super place is Mood Designer Fabrics, it is a shop that is worth to visit they have really good quality fabrics a very discounted price. In there, I bought the fabric for my wedding dress. Do you know that it was used for one of the costumes in a Broadway show? I love these little bits of history!

If you need a tutorial on how to reupholster furniture go here

Maybe you do not want to go so far to buy fabric. I actually found a really good store in Ireland. They sell a lot of fabric for upholstering and they have a clearance section with fabrics at 20€ per metre!! the place is Finline furniture and they are located in Emo.

Here there are some of the fabrics you can find there: