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Nest, the learning thermostat

Saturday, August 10th, 2013

Nest, is an incredible thermostat that learns about you and your home and then automatically balances comfort  and energy savings.

Nest can program itself in about a week. It can create a personalised scheduled based on the temperature changes you have made and continually adapts to your life.

It even can detect that you left the house! so if you leave it will automatically adjust the temperature to avoid heating and empty home.

How is doing this? by integrating the information from its sensors.

Another cool feature is that you can connect to the thermostat from a smartphone! so you can change the temperature from far away!



Hotel running on olive pits

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

The hotel Posidon Benidorm Playa has come up with an ingenious solution to heat their hotel and pool. They use olive pits!

The system is quite similar to a wood pellet burner just that uses olive pits. Olive pits are handy to purchase on the area and are far cheaper than the oil that the hotel used before.

The initial cost setting up the system was of 230,000€ but they reckon that they will get it back in 3-4 year!