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Green roofs

Sunday, June 16th, 2013

Green roofs are an important part of green infrastructure in urban areas or the country side. I really like how they look and I wish that there would be more of them around!

They are great for storm attenuation, biodiversity, noise pollution, energy efficiency,invertebrate habitat or horticultural therapy.

I found a great company in Ireland that creates them it is called Anú Green.

Here are some examples of their great work:

Google SketchUp

Friday, January 27th, 2012

Google SketchUp is a free software that you can download here . It is a very powerful tool, easy to use an fun! with this software you can design anything in 3D  with a easy-to-use interface and a wide range of Help features.

The best of all is that you do not need to be an engineer to use it! it is for everybody use and if you ever get stuck there are thousands of tutorials over the web to help you out!

I mostly use it to work in my house design. I think that when you are designing your own house everything looks very differently on the paper than on 3D. Your architect can give you wonderful plans and he/she has the ability to see how the building will look in reality. However, somebody that does not work in that field might find it difficult to imagine what your house might look like in reality. I find this software very useful to get that “feel” of how your house is going to look like. You can walk into your design and feel how airy the rooms are or even how much light they are going to get!

There are menu options that allow you to orbit over your design, walk in, zoom in and out easily and so on! one of my favourite tools is the measuring tape that lets you to measure your distances! my second favourite has to be to be able to move objects in 3 dimensions although this takes a bit of practice to get it right.

Once you have designed your rooms you can download from the internet objects for your rooms from windows to bathroom suites or furniture! you can even find IKEA furniture! I find this extremely useful because you might have furniture that you do not know how it would fit in your bedroom. So  you can download this furniture and try it in your room, which will give you a fair idea on how the room is going to look.

This software is not only good to design houses you can even use it to see how new furniture would look in your new room or how new kitchen units would fit in your kitchen!

I strongly recommend using it!

Here is a sneak pick of what you can do: