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Tissue Box

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

I have to say that I always prefared big tissue boxes over handkerchiefs. The thing I do not like about tissue boxes is that unless you buy the expensive ones the boxes are horrible with the big name of the supermarket on it or with horrendous colours and letters. So this week what I did was a little pocket for my tissue box.

I just used some fabric I bought in IKEA a while back and then I literally but it in a rectangle and then I did a hole on the top for the tissues.

Mobile phone and ipod cases

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

My husband kept giving out to me about the fact that the screens for my phone and my ipod were constantly getting scratched so I finally put an end to that problem I made these covers!

The covers are made with fabric from IKEA and the inside are covered with felt so like this the phone/ipod are super protected! Instead of using a button to close the case I used a little bell and for the ipod case I used a button in the shape of a dolphin because the fabric is with marine motives


Splash backs

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

A few months ago I was talking with my friend Carlotta about our kitchens. She was saying that she wanted to do something with her kitchen since behind her cooker she had a lot of grease stains that were very stubborn to clean. I suggested to use a splash back.

I discovered when I moved to Ireland that most of the kitchens do not have tiles in the walls. I understand that here tiles are more expensive than in Spain. However,  I think it is very important to have something protecting the wall in key points such as behind the cooker or the sink in the kitchen.

In our rented apartment we had the same problem as Carlotta, but we were not going to put tiles. Imagine to buy tiles for rented accommodation! too expensive! so I came across this idea in IKEA. The Fastbo wall panels.

I put one behind the cooker and then I put another 2 (one for behind the sink and I cut the other one and I placed them at both sides of the one in the cooker).

These panels are very versatile (you can even use them in your sink in the bathroom, in your utility…), good value and easy to cut. However, I must say that I had help there! my father in law cut them all for me with his super little electric saw!

Maybe you are not at all a DIY person and you would be more comfortable getting this done by somebody else! Well I found a very good website colour glass that is Irish and does glass walls! I think is  worth a look. Take a look at some of their work.

IKEA Hackers

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

I do not know if you ever heard of this web site but I love it!!!

Ikea Hackers is a website were people post hacks, how they personalise or how they re purpose IKEA products into the things they want!

It is a brilliant web site of inspiration and also to make you think out of the box!

Have you ever thought of making a bed frame from legs for a bathroom sink?