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BBQ party

Sunday, July 7th, 2013

Is  my brother’s in law birthday around this time of the year. Every year he likes to organise a BBQ for his friends.

This year I am going to suggest him to take a look at the Hostess with the Mostess website! they have brilliant ideas/printable for bbq parties.


New Year’s party

Sunday, December 30th, 2012

Only one day for New Year’s Eve.

Are you a last minute party organiser? then take a look for ideas.

Last year I downloaded some printables for a lovely New Year’s Banner. So I wanted to find something that would match my last year’s scheme.

Here I found interesting tutorials/printables:


Sequinned Stir Sticks from somewhere splendid:

A nice New Year’s printable from be different act normal:

Shimmering Streamers from Martha Stewart:

Finally I recommend spice things up by adding clocks around the place, lots of them hanging from the ceiling and from the walls!

Here there are some places where you can down load some of them:

From the graphic Fairy:

From White Life:






Male party decorations

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

I went down to Spain a few weeks ago to celebrate my uncle’s 70 birthday party. All my family was looking forward to the party. This is because my uncle had a stroke last year. So this party was not only to celebrate his 70’s, but also the fact that he is now well and back in action!

My mum wanted to do a few things for him so she made a really funny film about my uncle’s life that was shown after the lunch but she also wanted to do something else decorating the venue.

I gave her a hand. Since my uncle was absolutely adamant that every body going to the party had to wear a tie. And he even treated all men by not letting them in, if they were not wearing a tie…. We decided to make a little joke/decoration with ties.

We got old ties and bought some others from the Euro shop and hung them from a tree from where the food was going to be served. Then we placed flowers on the ties that were held by a pin that said Made peace and not war 😉

It was an absolutely hit every body thought it was hilarious. My uncle even told me that if anybody arrived with out a tie I had to tell them to pick one up from the tree!!!!

Here is how they looked:


Then for the tables, instead of numbers my mum had a year of my uncle’s life going down from 70. The years were not consecutive there were important years of his life. Like when he got married or had children…

Here is how it looked:


Also to follow the joke with the ties we did place names for the table that were ties for the males and bow ties for the females.

this is how it looked:


Mystery wine tasting party

Friday, September 28th, 2012

Last year for my brother’s in law birthday we gave him a voucher to do a wine tasting night. Unfortunately he never got to use it. I must say I really dislike giving vouchers because then these things happen!

This year for his birthday we decided that since he did not get to go to the wine tasting night we would bring the tasting night to him!

I do not know much about wines so I went out to the internet to look for ideas.

I found on line this cool idea  about how to do a mystery wine tasting party.

The idea consists on inviting a bunch of people and ask everybody to bring two bottles of wine. Then you wrap half of the bottles of wine with little bags and stencil each bag with a different number. The other half of the bottles will be the price for the winner.Every body has to taste the wines. In cards every body has to score each bottle of wine. The wine that gets the higher score is obviously the most tasty one. Who ever has brought that wine is taking all the other bottles home!

If you want to find out more about this party check CB2 website

I actually modified the idea a slightly since we wanted the party to be his present.

I bought 6 bottles of wines and then I covered them with fabric bags that I made. Each bag had a number and then I had cards for each bottle asking questions about the wine.

Questions like: what does the wine taste of? where is it from? etc.. Each question had 3 options and in one of the cards I had all the answers.

Here are some photos so you can see the final product!

Camera runner

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

I decided on doing a photographic theme party for my husband’s birthday. He loves photography so I thought it would be very appropriate.

I thought it would be nice to have a runner made of cameras going along the table where we have our meal. I cut felt with the shape of cameras and then used the sawing machine to stitch them together. I did them in two colours and I did 4 rows of them.

This is a sneak pick on how they look like!

I am really looking forward for the birthday party now!


Photography party

Monday, August 27th, 2012

Finally I downloaded the photos from the photographic party that I did for my lovely lovely! He loves photography so I decided to do a party full of cameras and camera themed! I printed a bunch of cameras from the web and I stuck them around the place!

Here is what the door into the living room looked like:

Some pics from the living room:

I had in each wall sayings from famous photographers and Cameras:

I made a cake to go with the party theme. It was a camera. In order to do it I first made a rectangular base:

Then I did a second one and I cut up pieces for the lenses and different parts on the camera. I cut the lens using a bake tin:

Here is what it looked like (it is actually the same model that he has):

I made is well a photogarland:

I had a bunch of branches with vintage cameras hanging from them:

This is what the table looked like:

Here you can have a closer look of the table. I made a runner made of felt with the shape of multiple cameras:

Here is the table with the gifts. All the gifts where wrapped with camera papers and I even stuck cameras to the birthday card:

Zig Zag Streamers

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

Today I decided to start planning my husband’s birthday party.

I really want to make it special this year. He really is my rock!

He has been great with me for the last few months. I was so upset after we lost the baby we were expecting and after finding out that I have a condition that makes me prone to miscarriages…. but he was so good, so positive, caring, encouraging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really do not know what I would do without him! he is my happiness!!!!!

So as part of the preparations I started to make some zig zag streamers that I saw in Oh Happy Day! Here are some photos of the tutorial posted on Oh Happy Day! blog




Fruit flower pot

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

I found this online that I absolutely love. It would be perfect for any party! It is so original!

Alisha’s party

Friday, January 6th, 2012

Today is my friend Alisha’s Birthday. So I decided that I am going to show you some of the crafts that I made for her party during the summer!

The party had a yellow theme because it was her farewell party and she was going to leave our grey but lovely Dublin for the sunny California!!!


The party took place in one of my friends in Dublin and since it was at the evening I made this lovely lanterns made of tomatoe tins!

I painted them with yellow paint (the left overs from painting my in law’s garage doors) and then with a nail and a hammer I made wholes on each tin. Each tin had a letter. I just warn you, your hand might be tired after the second tin! I really did not know that the tins were so hard!!



I made a table cloth in yellow with fabric I bought in Hickeys and I also made a  whole bunch of bunting (I am hoping to post about how to make it soon!). I also made a photo garland which is very effective and she really liked. I printed all the photographs that I have from the four years we have been knowing each other and I cut them in circles. Then I taped them to a yellow ribbon and I alternated the photographs with yellow cards cut in scallop shape. I must say it was very effective and it was nice to see all the happymoments all my friends spent with Alisha! a nice memory for all of us!!


My friend is gluten intolerant, egg intolerant, lactose intolerant and many other things that I do not even have enough space to write about!! so we had to bake her a special cake and special muffins. We also put out a lot of fruit so she could eat something sweet!

At the main table with food. We had a whole yellow scheme with lemons/lemonade and yellow cards. I printed this vintage cards with funny messages such as “if life lives you lemons make lemonade, if that does not work add vodka”. I love them and  I got them from Farouche!

The party favours were little yellow bags that I made off from the left over of the table clothes and then  I filled them in with lavender that I collected in the garden from the place were we work together!!! These little bags are perfect to hang from the wardrobes and have nice smelling clothes!!


New Years

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

If you are looking for some nice prints for you New Years Eve party check Ellinée Design House. I found this amazing Retro New Years Eve Party Printables that I absolutely love!!!