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Tablet case

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

I made this case for the tablet as a present for my husband’s birthday. It was very simple.

I measured the width/length of the tablet and I cut the fabric according to it. I added to and extra triangular shape at one end of one of the sides for the leap of the cover.

I wanted the tablet to be well protected so I cut 4 pieces of felt slightly smaller to the size of the tablet and I sewed two pieces together for one side and then the other two.  Then I just sewed everything together and I added a ribbon at the edge of the leap and voilà!!!

After a few days of using it my husband told me he was thrilled with the design but that in the next version I should add a hole for the charging cable! so bear this is in mind if you do it!


Flower Girls and Page boy

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

My mum did a super job for the flower girls and page boy outfits. She made them all herself from scratch.

She used wild blue silk that we bought in NY years before in a whole sale store in the design district. In this same area we bought little flowers that my mum used to do the hair bans for the girls. This shop is an absolutely treasure for crafters you can find amazing stuff. Here we bought as well some fringes made of shells that were added to the outfits. This incredible shop is: Tinsel trading

Here are the fringes

The girl’s dresses were longer at the back than at the front and had pieces of tulle cut in triangular shape to match my dress. The page boy had a mao shape blouse with cream trousers.

Soft toys animals

Sunday, March 11th, 2012

In the last months I had a lot of birthdays coming up so I decided to make as many things I could in order to give something more personal as well as saving a bit of money!

I made these adorable elephants  and this giraffe for my nieces. My sis told me they liked them so I am pleased!

I have to say it was my niece Emma that inspired me, when she saw the android doll for her uncle she said she wanted a friend too 😉

You can find the links here to how to make them!





Monday, February 27th, 2012

I am organising a couple of parties at the moment and I personally think that there is no better party decoration than bunting!!!

It is easy to make even if you are not used to use the sewing machine and it is a good way to practise with it.

First choose the fabric you want to use and then the size of the triangles that you want to use. In order to cut easily the fabric I recommend to cut with cardboard the size of the triangles you want. Then use that as a pattern to cut the fabric. In order to safe as much fabric as possible I recommend to cut long strips of fabric with the length of the triangle. Cut along the strip the triangles for the bunting. Again I recommend to cut first the triangle with the pointy bit down and then the next one with the pointy bit up like this you will safe as much fabric as possible.


Baste together 2 triangles with the wrong side of the fabric on the outside and the right one in the inside. Then saw them on the sewing machine leaving one side not sawn (the top). Then with the help of a pencil you can turn around the fabric and you have the perfect bunting triangles!

For the strings were the triangles are hanging you can choose to do your own strings or buy it on the fabric store. I chose to do my own ones. So what I did was to cut long strings of fabric to the length I wanted and then I folded them in half (with the edges of the fabric in the inside fold) and I saw them (this will prevent the fabric to fray).

Then I just saw the triangles to the strings. I folded (again with the edges of the fabric inside the fold) the top of the triangles on the strings so I would prevent again the fabric to fray.



Lavender bag

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

For toda’s craft a very simple and effective little gift!

A little lavender bag that you can put inside your wardrobe to get your clothes to smell nice and fresh!

In order to do the bags that contain the lavender I cut fabric in big rectangles and then I folded them up. I saw the sides of them and I added long ribbon strings at both sides.  I thought these strings would be good to hang them from the wardrobe bar or anywhere you want!

I dried lavender inside of my hot press for a couple of days inside paper bags. After a couple of days I removed the lavender from the stalks and I used it to fill little bags that I made. I made the bags using some leftover of big organza ribbon that I had. It was very easy again I only cut the fabric in big rectangles then I sew the sides, fitted in the lavender and then I sew the top. Then this bag went inside the other one and ready!

If you want to renew the lavender bag with a fresher one you always have the outer one so you only need to make the one containing the lavender or even better just to resew the inside one!


Friday, February 3rd, 2012

My husband’s birthday is coming up so I made him an Android robot. He loves and works with this technology so I thought it would be cool for him to have one at his desk in the office!

I got the pattern from here

I am actually really pleased with the result! I think it makes a nice green friend 😉


Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

We made little bags to put red rose petals. We gave the bags to each guest, so they could shower us with them after the ceremony. The bags were made of blue and cream organza. Each bag had a little tag with our name and the wedding date. At the top of the bag there were two ribbons coming out that were used to seal the bag. These strings had a shell sawn into them.


Armchair/Couch Pockets

Monday, January 16th, 2012

We are at the moment living in rented accommodation and we are provided with all the furniture. Our coffee table is not one of those with a lower shelf for magazines, and for space for reading/writing material. So we often had pens, paper, magazines, books…. around the place and our living room looked messy. I decided to do with fabric some pockets to hang from one of the armchairs in the living room for space for all these things. One pocket is large for magazines, and books. Another pocket is for papers, another for pencils and pens, another for things like usb keys and headphones, and another for various things like post its and scarp paper.

It was very easy to do, I bought

100% cotton fabric from IKEA and then I measured the length based on the length of my armchair. I wanted to be able to put heavy things in the pockets such as books and magazines so I made sure that the fabric was long enough to go from the floor up to the arm of the armchair and under the seat cushion. This length ensures that even if there are heavy things in the pockets the weight will be held.

It was very simple and you can customise your pockets according to the things you want to put in them!