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Thank you Cards

Friday, June 8th, 2012

This is the last post on my wedding crafts! I hope you have enjoyed them and I did not bore you too much with the details!

The tradition in Catalonia is that as soon as you receive a wedding present you send a business card saying thank you. We did our own business cards with the wedding logo and our names on it and then we send them in the same envelopes used as the RSVP and with a stamp we had made ourselves.

In Ireland normally you send the thank you cards after the wedding since a lot of people give you presents even after you get married!!!!!I find this strange since our guests from Catalonia even gave us presents two months before we got married!!!

In the thank you cards you normally put photographs from the wedding. I had a lot of menu cards left over so what I did was to use them as thank you cards. We changed them a little bit.  We removed the big shell from the front and we changed it with small shells. Inside we had several photos from our wedding in one side and the other side was free for writing the thank you! We wrote personalise things to everybody I hate generic thank yous!!! Plus our guests had taken time to come all the way to Spain for our wedding, they deserved to mention that little memory you had of them or that little explanation on what you would do with their present!


Saturday, May 26th, 2012

My mother in law made the corsage flowers the day before the wedding. They looked gorgeous. They were made with orchids to match my bouquet. They were very nice and simple they were made with three short pieces of rushes (an Irish plant that grows in bog land) and one orchid. My husband had two orchids to stand out from all the others. I have to say that they were matching so well my bouquet I loved them!

Table Decoration

Monday, May 14th, 2012

The florist from the venue decorated with flower arrangements the tables at the reception. She used a variety of white flowers that suited very well the restaurant since the room is all black.  Although I knew that the place was going to look good with the flower arrangements we wanted to bring the sea into the reception room as well. In order to do this we made arrangements for each table made from shells. It was quite easy to do this and very effective. We used as a base of wicked sticks and then we glued to them different shells. Since each table had instead of numbers names of shells/starfish, each arrangement had featured in larger numbers the shells that were belonging to that table. For example on the table that was called “Scallop” they had more scallops than the other tables.

Representing each table we had a photo of the shell and its name up high for people to know where to seat. Also each table had a big version of the shell/starfish that represented each table. We placed them in high old glass/silver candle holders or high plastic boxes so people could see them easily, so they would know where to seat.

The main table was a big round table for my immediate family and my husband’s. At the edge of the circle that was facing the guests we had a fish net with lots of shells and starfish. This net was going from the top of the table down to the floor. On the floor where the fishing net was finishing there were lots of white rose petals.


It was important to me that all the shells featured at the wedding were shells that were coming from beach combing or from different projects from my lab. The only shells we had to buy were the big ones representing each table and some saddle oysters. I was not very happy about this but I made sure to buy them in reputable shops. As a matter of fact some of them were even replicas of the real animal!

Since it was important for me that everybody would know this we made cardboard cards explaining this and we placed them in each table




The seating cards were napkin rings. They were made of saddle oysters and children’s bracelets. Years ago my mum and dad had gone on holidays to Cambodia and they had bought a bunch of bracelets that some children were making on the street. The bracelets were made to the size of those children’s arms so they were very small. We made holes on the saddle oysters and put the bracelets trough them! Then with a brown permanent marker my mum wrote the names of the guests. I was not allowed to do it, my writing is atrocious!  My husband said people would not understand their own names!

In the children table we could not have napkin rings since most of our children could not read so we had transparent cubes with photographs of each guess running between fish or else coming out of a big fish mouth!


My mum and I made the menus for the reception. They were simple white cardboard cards that had a rectangular at the front made with the white fibrous and blue papers from the invitation. On top of the square we glued the shell that represented each table. Each menu was in the language of each guest. For the list of snacks we draw a big fish and we put the list of snacks inside.




Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

We wanted a photographer that could capture our day in a natural way. We never liked photos that we had to pose so we wanted something more like a photo documentary I guess. We had the added problem that half of the guests were speaking English so it was important that the photographer could communicate with them all. We chose for this task Karel Noppe.  He did a brilliant job. Himself and his wife are wonderful people that made you feel relax in front of the cameras in seconds. He had great ideas and he took excellent photos of our day. We both are so pleased with the album it looks brilliant!


Friday, April 20th, 2012

We wanted some music matching with a relax and fun ceremony.  We did not want the typical classical music! I found this brilliant a cappella group on my space, Les Sixters . As it turned out one of them was one of my piano teachers from years ago and the others were teaching in the music school I attended.

They were amazing! Everybody was absolutely astonished with their songs! I used their version of “Mediterraneo” (Joan Manel Serrat) to go down the aisle. I have to say that their version is much better than the original one!  They sang in different languages, Portuguese, Basc, some African language, Catalan, Spanish!!! Multicultural songs for our multicultural wedding!

During the snack food we had a group of jazz playing. It was so lovely to hear them in the background while everybody was chatting away and enjoying the weather!

For the dance we had the D.J. from the venue. I must say that he was great. He brought everybody out on the floor dance!



Sunday, April 8th, 2012


The flowers were in keeping with the wedding theme. Every arrangement was very natural and they could be flowers that you would find in your garden or in a park. Everything had a touch of blue, to remind you again of the sea! The flowers were done by La tija they did such a great job!

We had two main flower arrangements behind the table where we got married and then one on the table. The flowers were beautiful, they had a lot of greenery, ivy, wild roses, and a lovely touch of blue with Delphinium.

There were two arrangements in two tree meshes and one on the well. They all looked fabulous. However, my favourite arrangement was the one the florist created between a poplar tree and the area where we got married. The florist set steel wires that were stuck on the ground and were about one metre high. At the tip of the wire there were flower arrangements. They were so nice since they were moving on the wind! This was a great idea since it was perfect to divide the garden from the area that we were getting married.


Friday, March 2nd, 2012

My passion has always been the sea so the whole wedding theme was Sea oriented. For the favours, I thought it would be nice to do something that represented my husband passion, computers! So we gave to each guest a mouse mat. We designed the mats ourselves. Each mat had a photograph of the undersea and had all the shells featured in our wedding. Also it had a globe with arrows pointing the countries where we are from and a big Thank you in both languages. We got this done in UK in a company called Cherry thing.

The mouse mat was presented inside of a pocket that was made of blue cardboard and stitched with sawing machine with gold thread. Then around the pocket there were two different blue strings (in raffia) that were attached to the cardboard with a label with our wedding logo (three stars and our initials)


Saturday, February 18th, 2012

We wanted to welcome all our guests with a big smiley photograph.  A few weeks before our wedding we got our wedding photographer to take a few photos of us by the sea. We choose one of them and we made a big poster with it. We attached the poster to sign post just outside our wedding venue. At the top of the poster we had the words welcome! We thought it would be a nice way to welcome every body.

We also used this same poster to welcome people at the airport!

Ceremony Booklet

Monday, January 9th, 2012

We wanted everybody at the ceremony to be able to follow what was happening. This meant we needed a ceremony booklet in both languages. At the same time, I did not want people to be reading everything so that they were not paying attention to the ceremony itself. So we did a very simple booklet. The first page had our first names and the date of the wedding. The second page had in Catalan all the titles (only the titles) from each section at the ceremony: entrance of the groom, entrance of the bride, welcome words… and then the names of the songs that they were played. After this whole section in Catalan we wrote the same entire thing in English.

During the ceremony we had readings in both languages. Since guests from one side would not be able to understand the readings in English and vice versa we wrote the translation of the whole reading in the Catalan part of the booklet. For example the English reading was translated to Catalan and was featured in the Catalan section. The Catalan reading was translated in to English and featured in the English version.

The making of the booklets was a completely night mare! I had the great idea that I wanted to glue the program to a flat scallop shell! There were times I wished I never had this idea! Because this meant that we had to cut each page to the size of the scallop. Each scallop was different so you had to do them individually! I must say I am not great at cutting so we decided to use scissors that cut in a scallop shape. The unfortunately thing is that these scissors can only take 2 pages at a time. So doing 140 booklets took a long time! And everybody got blisters in their hands, my mum, my sister, my brother in law!!!!!!!!!!!!

The scallops were painted with a bit of gold and blue and had a raffia ribbon on them is well. We placed them in big baskets decorated with blue ribbons, shells and moss. The baskets were placed in the middle of the garden. They looked beautiful!

Decorating the Venue

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

I have been living in Ireland for many years now and I must say that one of the things that I miss most from Catalonia is the summer weather.  The heat is not necessarily what I miss the must. It is all the social things that you can do with the good weather. Like parties in the garden, long strolls by the beach without wearing a rain coat, or simply spending time with your friends and family chatting outside for hours and hours without fear of rain!

So for us was very important that we could have our wedding outside to enjoy the weather. The down side of the Catalan weather is that is very hot so the wedding had to start when the sun is not so strong. The wedding ceremony started at 6:30. The ceremony took place in a garden. In the same garden, after the ceremony, we had snack food and drinks. Then around 9:00 p.m. we moved inside of the house for the main meal.

I was adamant that I wanted the garden to be decorated with shells. I wanted people to feel that the sea had been brought to the garden! My mum and I worked really hard to decorate the entire garden!


This mesh was shaped as waves and then we hang from it fish with shells and starfish made of shells

Fish Mex detail


This was made with saddle oysters and lots of different shells caught in Ireland by my husband’s auntie or different people in my lab. What you see wrapped around the tree is my veil! The day before the wedding I decided that a veil was not matching my dress so I decided not to wear it and I used it to decorate the venue!


Magnolia tree

Magnolia tree

Magnolia Tree Detail


We bought a lot of balls made of fibres that we decorated with shells (stuck with a glue gun) and we hang them from the trees. Some of these they even had Irish Sea weed!!!

Balls shells detail


We had some lanterns decorated with shells that were hanging from the trees with LED tea lights inside.


As part of the decoration in the garden we had some mesh that we decorated with flowers and shells. Most of these seashells were from research projects in my lab or from people that got them and gave them to me since they know I like shells.


We had a lot of tulle around the venue with little seashells stuck with glue sticks.

This is something that my mum, my mother in law and I made. Is brilliant isn’t it? My parents had a mosquito net that they had used once when they went to Kenia. My mum came up with the idea to use it for decorating the venue. From the top of the net we hung different things: blue glass whales, some saddle oysters painted in gold, and these lovely blue fish. They way they were hanging it looked they were swimming on the air!!! This was a nice craft since it was done by the three of us. Unfortunately I do not have any photo of it on the day! This is one from when we were making it


Years ago my mum and I had bought feather flowers to use them to add to fabric. Originally we were going to use them for my wedding dress but on the end I did not like the idea. I wanted something different so we decided to use them to decorate the garden. We glued a metal peg at the back of them and we stuck them to ivy.

We also hang them from branches they looked cool! They were moving in the air and they really remind me of jelly fish!


We had a well in the garden that my mother in law decorated with three big Celtic crosses that she made. The crosses are called Bridgette crosses, they are traditional from the area my husband is from. We put some of these crosses scattered around the garden is well.

In the well we had a big frame with the seating plan. The frame was painted with blue and white spray paint and had lots of different shells stuck on it. As you can see each table had a seashell/starfish/sea urchin name and had also a photograph. The “head table” was called Mediterranean.

Since we thought maybe people would not remember where to sit once they would arrive inside of the building we made another seating plan at the door of the building.



I was worried about the Irish guests being outside during the ceremony. I thought it could get too hot for them since they are not used to that weather. So we decided with my mum to do fans for every lady at the wedding. We bought colourful fans at a really discounted rate during the winter in a Chinese shop. We painted every single fan with different drawings that we got from the internet.

Each fan had a raffia ribbon and a little envelope with the name of each lady at the front. Inside of the envelope there was a card with the name of their table for the dinner. We placed the fans in several baskets. The fans were placed in the baskets in alphabetical order (by surname). Each basket had a big cardboard with the initials of the surnames featured on the baskets. We thought that like this it would be faster and easier to get the fans.


In many of the wedding blogs I read I saw wishing trees and I thought they were great ideas. When one of my friends from Girona told me that she had gone to a Catalan wedding that they had one of those trees I thought I had to get one too!!

Since we had to decorate the venue on the same day of the wedding we wanted an easy way to set up the wishing tree.

My mother in law had the great idea to buy trivets and then to hang blue ribbons from the trivets. At the end of the ribbons we glued little pegs. The guests had only to hang the wishing cards from the peg. I did not like the look of the trivets hanging from the tree. It looked very kitchen like 😉 So we covered the metal bits with saddle oysters, shells and moss!

A big glass jar was placed on the well and it said in both languages to get a wishing card and write a wish for the bride and groom. The jar was full of shells and moss. In another little glass base we had several pens that they could use for writing the wishes. The cards were double sided, in one side it said: write a wish, in Catalan and in the other one in English. All the cards contained the logo of our wedding the tree stars.


My mum was adamant that this wedding was a great way to get rid of things she did not want anymore. She was delighted to get rid of all the shells collected over the years during my work and travels that I had still in my parent’s house. She was also delighted to reuse a big painting that she had at home and she never liked to do the seating plan (the one at the well). The last of the recycling jobs was to re use something that my parents got at their wedding as a present, a big glass chandelier that they did not want anymore. We removed all the individual pieces from it and we made long strings of glass with the different pieces. Some of the strings were ended with a saddle oyster.  Again, we wanted to minimise the amount of time hanging them so we used trivets to tight 3 glass strings from them. Like this in one go you could hang three. I must say that it took my husband and I a long while to hang them up but the effect was beautiful and the sound they made with their movement was magic!


The people from the venue set a red carpet and chairs at both sides of it for the ceremony. It was beautiful but my mum and I thought that we needed to bring the wedding theme to the aisle. We decided to create a sea at both sides of the carpet! We bought tulle in two colours grey and very light blue and we stitch it giving it the shape of waves. On top of the tulle we glued lots and lots of shells!!!

At both sides of the red carpet we had big lanterns made of corten steel. At their very top they had a glass container were we placed the blue candles. The lanterns are from a shop called Coasting along



Each second chair had a scallop placed on the chair cover with a safety pin (this was glued to the back of the scallop). The scallops were painted with one line of blue and a bit of gold paint. They also had a raffia ribbon.